Optimal protection for the decisive phases of the game!

Optimally protected, no matter how hard it can get!

Perfectly protected in case you need to take more!

You can still step up your game perfectly protected!

Why Swiss3DGuards

Because we are exactly right for you!

With us you get individual and best possible wearing comfort with a custom-made product from the 3D printer - in principle 4 different degrees of hardness (flex options). Our products hold their shape and absorb shock and pressure waves that can also affect the brain. Our shock absorption and surround protection system is unique on the market. High communication skills and good breathing guarantee unrestricted practice of your sport. Regular cleaning with boiling water and/or a dishwasher is also guaranteed.


Fully digitized end-to-end procedure for optimally fitted mouthguards.

Customer satisfaction

Our service and product quality
are regularly rated very highly by our customers.


Regular on-site scan events or a close-knit network of scan partners enable an uncomplicated process.

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